Fat Gripz Challenge 2018

Gripsport Germany is presenting the International Ultimate Fat Gripz Challenge!
The biggest challenge in the gripsport history! 10 months of forearm brutality!
January 2018 to October 2018
Work hard and you will get DAMN BIG FOREARMS and a big CASH PRIZE!
Use this hashtags for social media: #GripsportGermany2018 #UltimateFatGripzChallenge

 100% of the money goes to the athletes!
the more people donate – the more you get!
+++ –> actual sponsoring list <– +++
+++ –> LEADERBOARD <– +++
You can do one or both lifts! Blue holds 50%, Orange holds 50%
1. place 25% of the prize money
2. place: 15% of the prize money
3. place: 10% of the prize money

+++ the monthly winner gets 5 euro cash on top! +++

please read the FAQ at the bottom

Challenge rules:

  • Double Overhand Fat Gripz Deadlift holding!
  • The bar can be placed on a power rack, box or something else – of course a normal deadlift can be done, too!
  • Only original FAT GRIPZ / FAT GRIPZ EXTREME are allowed.
  • if you prefer a thumbless lift – that’s ok!
  • pull the bar at least 1 inch / 2,5cm up
  • hold as long as you can
  • time starts when the bar/plates go up
  • behind the back (hack-squat) is allowed
  • bar may touch the body – but no resting. (it’s better not to touch – hard judge)
  • time stops when the bar/plates hits the ground or fell off the hands.
  • you don’t have to film every plate. When you say it is 140kg – we believe you.
  • loyal, proud, respect – the gripsport world is watching you
  • every submission is under review by the gripsport-germany team.
  • video has to be short and professional.
  • only Youtube Videos will be accepted or a directlink to download the video – like dropbox
  • no edit, cuts or overlay music
  • send the videolink including your name to: challenge@gripsport-germany.de
  • The video will be re-uploaded to our Youtube Channel and your name/time/video is on the competitors list
  • Competitors list includes picture, social media link – if you want.

– no wrist wraps
– only magnesium or liquid magnesium is allowed


Donate money via PayPal to make this challenge more attractive:

There will be a sponsoring list with your name.


feel free to ask us anything: info@gripsport-germany.de



What do you mean with holding?
You add Fat Gripz to your barbell and lift it up and hold as long as you can.

Is there a deadline for the videos?
Yes, the challenge ends on october the 1st. You can send in the videos until this day is over.

Is there a limit for the numbers of the videos?
No, you can send in as much videos as you want. But i would only send the best during a month.

Can i send you 3 videos on one day? 
Yes, you can. But only the best video will be taken!

Is there a winner every month?
Yes, there will be a monthly winner. He gets extra cash and maybe prizes if we find a sponsor.

I won 7 months – so i’m the best at the end?
Maybe, but it doesn’t count how often you won. The best video counts in the end. There is a monthly winner to keep the challenge alive.

What about the big money shot? The challenge winner gets all of the money?
No, the challenge winner gets max. 50% of the money if he wins both – blue and orange. The rest of the money is for 2nd and 3rd.




this is a private and non-provit organisation